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The Smart Libertarian doesn’t think voting matters. The Smart Libertarian realizes that the politic is just a TV show, with replaceable, disposable figureheads who take the fall for the failures of the actual power structures within a country. The Smart Libertarian realizes that voting is a sham, and politics almost literally does not matter. The Smart Libertarian realizes that the ritual of voting is one we undertake to instill an illusion of choice once every four years, to make the peasants think they have a say, to keep them from revolting. …

Sit with me while I spin a captivating yarn of true love, Covid-19 masks, and international terrorism that spans two decades. This yarn will incorporate dramatic historical events, cutting edge medical science, proletariat freakoutery, media bias, social media “fact checker” tampering, social superoganismic behavior, and brand-new additions to the English language itself, such as “superorganismic.” And by the time we’re done with this yarn, you may finally be privy to my personal headspace on masks, which is that mask mandates as currently implemented do almost literally nothing against Covid-19, but we should all wear them anyway.

The yarn begins when…

This is a screenshot from a Facebook discussion I was in, in early October. Annotated.

Enough said about that.

New Material

Quitting drinking for a bit has led to insomnia, and insomnia leads to articles, so everyone wins.

The current media melee revolves around election fraud and Biden’s Covid plans. On election fraud, I find it highly likely that there was some fraud somewhere, but intensely unlikely it could have possibly changed the result of the presidential election. Put simply, you’d have to have an operation much larger than 20,000 votes worth of fraud to have stolen it. Orders of magnitude larger…

Governor Andrew Cuomo kicked a hornet’s nest three days ago when he said that it was “good news /bad news” that Pfizer had developed a vaccine for Covid-19, because it was going to be released before Joe Biden was president.

Here’s the video:

Here’s a complete transcript:

STEPHANOPOULOS: “Let’s talk about that now with New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo. Governor Cuomo, thanks for coming back again this morning. We were talking yesterday about the importance of vaccine distribution in the next two months. What do you make of this news?”

CUOMO: “Well, it’s good news/bad news. The good news is…

As promised in prior newsletters, I haven’t had much time to write anything in the past month because I’ve been settling my family in a new home with a pool, a barn, a chicken coop, and neighbors who have horses. That’s been nice, and fun, and has kept be busy pounding through a professional backlog.

But, there’s this election thing.

And, well, I had to write something. Sticking tightly within the gun policy wheelhouse, I worked with the rest of the Open Source Defense folks to put this out, which is very very long, but worth reading, and worth sharing…

I was recently afforded the amazing opportunity to get paid to ditch Facebook.

This is an opportunity I literally could not pass up.

I’d read about this before in the news, and figured it was some sort of scam, and then they (I guess?) randomly selected me to invite me to the study, so I accepted. In order to participate, they poll you about your political opinions, turn your Facebook off, and then poll you again later. It could be that the thing is an honest way to see how Facebook exposure impacts political opinions in the run up to…

There’s an episode of the UK TV Show “Black Mirror” called Be Right Back, where a grieving widow uses an online service that builds an AI profile of her deceased husband. It texts to her, talks to her on the phone, and such, and eventually she orders this AI of her dead husband installed into a robot. The robot emulates her husband in every way, even sexually. But in typical Black Mirror style, it gets creepy and the episode focuses on the idea that we can have emotional attachments and interpersonal relationships with machines, and such. …

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