Calling black people "dumb and forgetful" is not likely to bring them to your side. It will however, get you 5000 upvotes on liberal Medium.

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Here are a laundry list of reasons why some black folks might have switched their opinions.

Some black men are sick and tired of hearing about "male privilege." In my experience, black men are the one group more overwhelmingly critical of "intersectionality theory," in fact, because it is evidentially and obviously untrue in their case. If “intersectionality” was real as outlined by Krenshaw, then black women would have worse outcomes than black men, and there is no metric available where that is the case.

Some black women don't want the police defunded.

"If you don't vote for me you ain't black" is one of the most god awful things anyone could ever possibly say, and some probably voted against Biden purely for that quip, because that quip has every possible layer of entitled plantation mentality baked into it.

Some black folks realize their unemployment was the lowest in history before the Covid lockdowns, which didn't apparently help them, and were driven entirely by Democrats at all levels of governance.

Black folks became new gun owners in record numbers this year, and some of those probably got around to reading Biden's gun plan, which would in fact literally take guns away from them regardless what anyone says otherwise. Go read the plan.

Some black folks read up on Harris's record as a DA cop.

There weren't a huge number of black folks who flipped. Black women went from 2% Trump to 8% Trump. 6% of black women isn't a giant margin, and 92% is still a very lopsided turnout. AND YET Trump support quadrupled among that demographic.

The Ds are going to have a serious problem in 2024 if Trump isn't the one they're running against.

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