Check out the followup article, Darren:

In fact, suicide rates in women have no relation to gun ownership. The higher rate of suicide by gun in women who own guns is exactly compensated by a reduction in suicide by other methods. You are absolutely correct that suicide in men is more prevalent among gun owners than non gun owners, after other multivariate controls are included in the analysis, and I explore a multivariate study about that relationship in detail in the 2nd article.

The UK has a very different mentality on public safety than the USA, and the UK’s approach will never be adopted here. We will never, for instance, have an age restriction on buying a steak knife. The fact that the USA will never adopt such a level of nannystateism means that the UK’s statistics are not meaningful in discussions of US policy.

Every country is different, because every country is made of different people. Japan, for instance, has no guns at all, but their suicide rate alone exceeds the USA’s combined suicide and homicide rates, including both gun and non-gun methodologies.

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