Thank you for the reply. Citations for that data in the first plot are in the first article, here:

I do not know where Mother Jones cites their data offhand, but I believe a linkback to their original plot is within the first article.

If you read further into the article, or read through the first article, you’ll find that ownership rate data itself varies widely by study because of its means of collection. Or, rather, non-collection. The first article goes into this quite a bit.

Some further look at these scatter plots is also in the fourth article:

You can also do the exercise yourself, with whatever data set you can find. What you’ll see, repeatedly, as you do the exercise yourself, is that the only time a positive correlation can be drawn from these data sets is when the entire body of gun deaths is included, instead of just gun homicide, because gun suicides make up two thirds of gun deaths, and gun suicides are basically 100% performed by gun owners. So of course there’s a relationship.

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