It seems you have been reading some of my posts when I engage pro-gun people on the interweb.

Doubtfully yours, but certainly others, sir!

A couple of things, firstly, you agree that suicides do go down when a gun isn’t available. If so, can you imagine that a drunken/enraged husband doesn’t take out his wife that he suspects is cheating if he doesn’t have a gun? And the children? Not sure how you could gather data on that one.

I would like to see a data set for that as well. If there were a tertiary problem, outside the “big two” of (1) male suicide and (2) black youth homicide, I imagine domestic violence might clock in at #3. How much of that is related to gun proliferation would be interesting to unpack, but I don’t have a good reference for the numbers. When looking at those things, we have to be honest about the counterfactuals. How many domestic gun homicides would shift to domestic baseball bat homicides? Probably some, but not all. And what’s the best way to get there from here? Seizing 320 million (or perhaps 400 million) firearms is not realistically on the table.

My experience with friends in domestic disputes is somewhat positive on the current state of law, although I think the local implementations could be better, and I do believe they vary by state. In Georgia, if a wife files a TPO against a husband or ex husband, for instance, the sheriff collects all the husbands guns without any due process at all, and then returns them once the thing is adjudicated in court. I’m not sure what could be done, legally speaking, beyond that, but I’m open to reasonable ideas.

Second, I agree with you that inner-city, black, poor youth have a much higher gun violence rate that the population in general. And your prescription to fix it by ending the drug war is commendable. Along with other changes. But consider this, can you subtract the adjectives and still be truthful? Inner-city? I assume there are pockets of rural or small town America that has high crime rates including homicides. Black? These same rural areas are probably white. Poor? Yep.

I can’t say that for sure, though, because I don’t have gun victimization rate broken down by income level. Do you have a source for data such as that? I deeply suspect that the problem with young black male victimization is socioeconomic in nature, but I really think this needs further study. And not from academics in offices dorking off with numbers. It needs to come from speaking deeply and meaningfully with black youth. I go into that with the “Gun Solutions” article, which I think you may have read. If not, here’s a link.

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