First off, thanks for the reply.

Collective-average IQ by race/ethnicity correlates far more tightly to these bad social outcomes than anything else you’re talking about.

I never said that wasn’t one of many possible factors. It likely is. But the degree to which it’s a factor is debatable in my opinion, for one very large reason:

Most jobs today could be done by a properly trained gorilla.

I definitely think this might come into play at the tails. Some very high paying jobs require a lot of cognitive ability. People in the lowest band of cognitive ability have a higher likelihood of ending up in jail. The tails are where this shows up, and it’s probably why men are disproportionately CEOs and also disproportionately prison inmates — male variability. But the truth about most jobs is that 90% to 95% of people could probably do them, so median differences probably don’t matter much.

Further, as AI continues to advance, I anticipate that IQ will become less and less meaningful in the job market, and what we’re seeing now with our emerging technocracy is going to be seen as a historical flash in the pan. A brief period of history where being smart mattered. More discussion on that here: (as well as a deeper dive into the racial IQ thing)

(that article is slated to appear in a feminist zine in Michigan this year in hard copy, surprisingly enough, even though it holds up front that racial IQ differences are a real thing)

There are four things I’d like you to take away from Sunday’s article:

  1. There is nothing that can be done about racial differences in IQ other than to make sure they’re not related to nutrition or lead exposure. (or promote interracial breeding, that’s a fun rabbit hole)
  2. There is quite a lot that can be done about specific policy systems that disproportionately affect racial equity.
  3. The current push by the Social Justice left to hang the blame on subconscious racism is not going to fix the equity thing either, so they’re going to go further down the path of intentional systematized racial discrimination.
  4. If you don’t come up with something new to bring to the table to promote racial equity, to steer the Social Justice Tribe away from systematized and intentional racial discrimination, we’re going to end up in a bloody shooting war, and I don’t want to live through that.

Hope this better establishes my frame of mind on this stuff. The Sunday article was huge, and to unpack all of it would have made it much huger.

We are experiencing a 21st century Soviet-style ‘political correctness’ that is twisting us into madness, where none of the paths can succeed because we’re now prevented from clear and honest self-perceptions and discussions. It’s sad and frustrating to see you be a part of that.

I’d call it more Maoist Chinese than Soviet, personally. And I’m dead with you on that, don’t think I’m not. I think it might be even worse than you think, quite honestly, because of the way Social Justice is crowdsourced. Think about this for a second. In a Christian dominated society you can be cancelled for going against Christian dogma. Same for an Islamic dominated society. But those ideologies are fixed, so at least you know what you can and can’t say to avoid cancellation. Social Justice dogma is fluid. It’s constantly changing. Today we have infinite genders, but as recently as 2016 we had a fixed number of genders — 37 in fact. Who knows how many genders we’ll have in 2024? That is a very short time scale to completely overhaul an ideology, but SJ is constantly overhauling itself, so only the people plugged into the social media feed can keep up with the updates. It updates too quickly.

What happens when the vegans take it over? We tear down MLK statues because he ate cheeseburgers?

Cancel cultures have always existed, since at least the original Kulturkampf.

What makes this new Social Justice eruption unique and different is that the ideology changes so fast nobody knows whether something they say today might get them cancelled tomorrow after the Tribe pushes out a new ideology update. And nobody knows where the update is going.

This also might be good reading:

Conscientious objector to the culture war. I think a lot. mirror: writer at: beggar at:

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