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  • Donald G. McNeil Jr.

    Donald G. McNeil Jr.

    New York Times, 1976–2021. Last beat: lead reporter on pandemic. 2020 Chancellor Award; 2021 NYT Pulitzer donaldgmcneiljr1954@gmail.com

  • Randy


    Hello. Good luck.

  • Freddie deBoer

    Freddie deBoer

    This is an automated feed of the blog posts at http://fredrikdeboer.com

  • Toby Weston

    Toby Weston

    Author, Artist, and Technologist. I write to entertain, educate, and to make this deranged reality fit inside my head! www.tobyweston.net

  • Rob Pincus

    Rob Pincus

  • Karen Leventhal

    Karen Leventhal

    Founder of United.Green "The Green Alibaba", B2B marketplace for ethical trading. Share ideas with me at karen@united.green

  • Nell Watson

    Nell Watson

    Tech Ethicist ∙ ML Researcher ∙ Social Reformer

  • Michael Siegel

    Michael Siegel

    I am a physician and a professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the Boston University School of Public Health. I research firearm violence.

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