Greenhall’s piece?

I honestly rather liked it. I think about the culture wars in a similar way to how he and some other rationalists do, and I found his approach with that article to be engaging and interesting, from an analysis perspective.

In my view, traditionalism and progressivism are both simply alternate indoctrination paths, and most of the animus of the culture wars (on both sides) comes from people not liking their indoctrinations to be challenged. Indoctrinations are essential for our social behavior, because they provide shortcuts to social interaction so we don’t have to spend time thinking. And thinking is hard. Many people live most of their lives without thinking at all, they just act out their indoctrinations.

I wrote a little bit about that here, once I was basically done with the gun topic:

So having an indoctrination challenged is traumatic, because it means your behavioral shortcuts (or more viciously stated, your behavioral programming) might be wrong, and nobody wants to hear that.

You see this a lot in the gun dialogue, but you also see it on every level of the culture war, on both sides.

Something else worth mentioning, since you said you liked the first article, is I follow my traffic a little here on Medium, and the biggest hit I ever got in traffic on that piece was when it hit r/The_Donald. (I didn’t put it there) I wrote a little about that here:

Thanks for the discussion.

Conscientious objector to the culture war. I think a lot. mirror: writer at: beggar at:

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