First off, thanks for the reply. I do hate to bomb you with articles and such, but I’ve covered almost all of this. You may find some of the other articles interesting. Or not, your call, but I tried to stick to facts, statistics, and sanity when I put them together. I also never even brought up the Second Amendment. So some links are below in the response.

School shootings and mass shootings are what… negligible by comparison? I shudder to use that adjective.

They’re obviously very terrible for the people who get shot, but in terms of drawing up the overall problem of gun violence, they are amazingly negligible.

I wrote a bit about that here.

A sense of well being in your country, city, neighborhood, school… This is important, and enabling that is a valid function of government.

If you deem that sense of well being a government function, then the government probably needs to be controlling the media instead of controlling guns. Fact is, homicide rates are historically low.

…and if everyone’s anxiety about homicide is historically high, then there’s got to be a reason for that. And there is. It’s this:

I don’t advocate government censorship, though. And I don’t really have a good answer to the problem of elevated anxiety from unfounded media freakoutery. But it’s a big problem, and goes way beyond guns.

A simple fact is that it’s hard to kill tens of people without a gun. Killing power is why you buy them, for crying out loud.

No disagreement here.

Were it up to me, I’d say all guns should be single shot. That’s how I learned to shoot, and I’m a better shot for it.

Well, unless you have a magic wand, that one’s not on the table, mathematically speaking.

One prong of your argument is that regulation of weapon type or ammunition won’t have an effect until you wreck the constitution.

I’m up to something like nine gun articles so far, and I haven’t touched the constitution yet. Just trying to stick to the numbers. In a very real way, the Second Amendment doesn’t matter anymore, because we simply have way too many guns out there to collect in the first place. (MGEF article above)

But go the other way… Is there any line that you CAN draw within your interpretation? Is there any weapon you can ban? Why? And why is your ban more viable than mine?

Honestly, the current framework, which makes automatic weapons effectively more expensive than cars and requires years worth of background checks, is pretty good on “weapon type controls” in my opinion. One reason it’s viable is that it’s already in place, and the number of automatic weapons built before 1984 (which are the only legal ones to buy, since the manufacture of new ones for civilian sale is banned) is relatively small.

Banning other weapons simply doesn’t make mathematical sense. AR-15s are just longer range 1911s, when we’re talking about the mass murder of children or such. Banning mags wouldn’t fundamentally affect fire rates. The limitation on how many kids you can kill in a school shooting is how many bullets you can fit in a backpack, and forcing these monstrous people into using pistols instead of rifles would actually probably increase the kill count, because more ammo. The only shooter who really thought through the thing and did it in a truly effective way was the Virginia Tech guy.

It’s really cringy to write that, and I don’t mind saying it buried in a comment thread, but I’d be scared to put that in a full article. Some loony toon might read it.

Hmmm… Still rambling. Purely logical policy would be nice. Maybe if we had that, it would affect our culture in a way that could reduce these “negligible anomalies”. Or maybe it could only come about in a culture that already was able to reduce them. But since we have neither the right culture nor the right policy, we should not dismiss the phenomenon. Kids get shot at school, increasingly.

Well, so first off, kids aren’t getting shot at school increasingly. That’s a media fabrication. See “real talk” above. There are definitely things we can do to reduce the number of “gun deaths” though, if we apply reason to the problem. I did lay out my opinions and suggestions here:

So I realize that’s a lot to digest, and understand if you don’t have the time. But I wrote all this stuff specifically as an outreach to people who I feel have been very misled about the reality of our situation, and are being led to conclusions that don’t work with the reality. So I am interested in your thoughts, if you have the time to read through it.

Conscientious objector to the culture war. I think a lot. mirror: writer at: beggar at:

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