Omitting this data is how you actually skew all of the statistics to your agenda. Lots of people will have different answers to why the police in the USA shoot so many people, to keep things civil i will suggest that they are very afraid that the people that they are trying to arrest are armed! Thus general civilian gun ownership is to blame for the police homicide rate of unarmed civilians.

I don’t discount the idea that police shoot more people here because the civilians are armed. But you need to be careful with your numbers too:

1000 people a year are killed by the police in the USA. Canada is about 35.

How many of that 1000 are unarmed? Answer that before we go any further.

Also, throwing raw numbers around like that doesn’t do us any good because there are fewer people in Canada. To do an accurate comparison, you’ll need to use rates, because the USA has ten(?) times as many people as Canada does. You’ll also need to control for population density, GINI coefficient, violent crime rate, and (sadly) race. Just like Siegel did in the study we critique in this article.

I’m not here to defend bad behavior by police. I think our police can do a better job than they’re doing. I also generally agree with your contention that an armed populace is generally more likely to end up with more police shootings.

But you have a serious counterfactual problem to deal with, which is how many shootings would happen if someone decided to take all the guns, and where they’d start first. They’d start first in Ferguson MO with some MRAP tanks and go door to door in black neighborhoods. Of all the gun owners I’ve spoken to, the ones the most concerned about any sort of gun seizure operation are the black folks, because they know what seizure would look like. And they know that the history of gun control is tremendously racist.

Conscientious objector to the culture war. I think a lot. mirror: writer at: beggar at:

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