are all, most or even plurality of the articles you read in those publications heartbreaking works of staggering genius? (no)

I don’t read all, or even most, of what’s in Quillette. But the stuff I have read has been tremendous. :)

IMO you should just submit some articles to these guys, and/or show them your existing work and ask what type of articles they’d be interested in you writing for them.

Relax and don’t sweat it. I’ve chatted with Toby Young (euro editor of Q) on Twitter and he likes my stuff. I’ll get something in their hands eventually.

I’m dicking around with something called “Stoicism Isn’t Toxic” right now that would be right in Q’s wheelhouse. More, in fact, than HWFO’s wheelhouse, because it’s personal and not analytical. I might drop that one with them.

Conscientious objector to the culture war. I think a lot. mirror: writer at: beggar at:

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