As much as you seem to think that the people of Yemen are grateful to you for keeping Clinton out of office, I promise there are more people living much, much closer to you who are actively suffering because of your stubborn pride.

I honestly think most of the people suffering from the Trump presidency are people who are being told by their phones to suffer. I think it’s made up, and I think you’ve bought into it.

There’s no internment camps. There’s no disaster. The Trump economy is basically a straight line extension of the Obama economy. Folks still have jobs. The Republicans even gave the poor a big Bernie Sanders Style Tax Feature with their tax plan, when they doubled the standard deduction. Things are about like they were before, even with a buffoon trying to run the country from his twitter account while he takes a shit at 2am.

It’s a pretty good case study, honestly, that the president doesn’t matter that much, outside of military actions.

The fact that your primary concern seems to be the people of Yemen indicates to me that you have very little skin in the game of civil rights in America.

I think you and I are not only missing each other on the counterfactuals, we may also be missing each other on the factuals.

So far in the Trump presidency, we have De Voss trying to re-instill due process and rights of the accused to the campus sexual kangaroo courts, which is pro civil rights despite what your media outlets might tell you. Ben Carson going after Facebook for virtual redlining with their advertising engine is a good follow up. I doubt we get either of those under Hillary. The rest of the Trump Admin’s civil rights position really isn’t any different from Obama’s. The feature civil rights issues under Obama (gay marriage for instance) are completely safe under Trump. And why wouldn’t they be? Trump is a NYC socialite who hosts beauty pageants. Although they might be in danger if Trump gets impeached or shot and Pence takes over, which is one of the things that makes the left’s impeachment push so tremendously stupid, tactically speaking.

If we want to make a big splash on civil rights, we have to end the drug war, period point blank. That’s it and that’s all. If either candidate pledged to do that, I would have stood out there waving a sign for them on election day. They would have earned my vote.

But if you don’t make them earn your vote, then they’ll keep thinking they don’t have to earn it.

That’s what makes my vote special, and yours as well. You’re giving it away unearned. If someone stays at home, they’re signalling that their vote isn’t earnable anyway. If someone votes third party, even if they know they’re not going to win, they’re issuing a very important signal: “My vote is earnable, and you clowns didn’t earn it.”

Conscientious objector to the culture war. I think a lot. mirror: writer at: beggar at:

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