I think I made the best counterargument there at the end of the article, quite honestly.

Herd immunity is going to take five years in my state, you could calculate the time it takes relatively easily in your state if you liked. We won’t get there quickly enough without some massive chicken pox parties that flood ICUs.

When I was writing about Covid-19 a month or two ago, I spitballed that there was no way to avoid massive ICU triage, but if we did manage to avoid it we’d be flattening the curve out for years. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we could actually flatten it as flat as we have. But making it go any faster would require everyone willingly infecting themselves with this thing, on a voluntary basis, and nobody’s going to do that. So reopening as we’re seeing it now isn’t going to get us there, and there’s no way we can spread the infection faster because we’d be joining arms and diving into an infectious state, which nobody is going to be willing to do.

The best counterargument is that reopen is a pipe dream, because people aren’t going to do it meaningfully and with purpose.

Hell, I’m scared to share this article on my own Facebook wall, due to the likely social ramifications alone. I think we’re stuck, I don’t really see a way out, and it’s enough to make me want to buy bullets.

Conscientious objector to the culture war. I think a lot. mirror: www.freakoutery.com writer at: www.opensourcedefense.org beggar at: www.patreon.com/bjcampbell

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