I think it’s a reasonable question. I can only give my impressions, instead of data.

I think the fact that single parenting has doubled since the 1960s is a general societal problem. I think that problem impacts men more than women, because single parenting is done predominantly by women, and so is teaching, so the number of boys being raised by men who understand what it’s like to be a man has dwindled. Male role models are dying out. Even outside of guns, this is a problem.

Within guns, I’ve seen some commentary that nearly all the school shooters in recent memory were boys of single mothers. I don’t have a statistical opinion on that, but I think it would be worth looking into.

I don’t think the recent APA guidance claiming that stoicism is toxic, and such, is helping in any way whatsoever. I think they’re trying to make masculinity itself anathema, and I think that approach is probably behind many of the problems that boys have nowadays. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that many of the boys who turn into school shooters have been fed that line their entire lives, and they think there’s something wrong with who they are, and they snap. That is purely projection. A theory. I’d like to see that theory studied properly.


I stumbled into this article after I responded. It encapsulates many of my thoughts on the matter:

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