I think this is an error of over-generalization, and you see it crop up in places like r/theredpill. It’s a sampling bias issue.

Men who adopt this sort of dating strategy do in fact do better, with the certain kinds of women they’re chasing. But the kinds of women they’re chasing happen to be the kinds of women who do in fact seek higher branches on the social dominance hierarchy. A better way for him to state this, and perhaps for you as well, would be to state that this sort of dating worldview is effective, but only for the sorts of women who have already adopted that dating worldview.

Then we can have the more interesting discussion about what ratio of women have (possibly subconsciously) adopted that dating worldview. Some men think most or all do, some men think none do, and everyone is basically defaulting to their own personal experiences on that topic. I’m afraid the data on that will be hard to come by, but I have seen some interesting stuff come out of Tinder that might be applicable.

I would also imagine that the dating worldview of both men and women may change over time, as they age.

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