Do you think such a system could encode, at least in part, your proposed book of “Thou Shalt Nots”? If so, then what performed values do you think should be included as generator functions of such a money in order to enact an antifragile, flourishing, wellbeing creating, deeply meaningful, and biodiverse community, state, national, and world sphere?

I think your idea is beautiful.

I have no. Freaking. Idea. it would work, functionally speaking. Seems like you’re embedding some kind of moral-social credit score into a blockchain?

Setting function aside, you run into another boundary, which is that of game theoretical competition. Whatever idea “comes next” cannot be instituted through fiat, it has to be such a good idea that the world chooses to adopt it over the current system, which is where I think a lot of the Game B folks lose the thread. You have to out compete Game A, and things like war and genocide are within the Game A tool set. So your community (or country) that runs on NewMoney must, at a minimum, be able to defend itself against a community (or country) that uses OldMoney, with organized violence if necessary. Or it must simultaneously infiltrate and topple all such Game A communities simultaneously.

I knew some kids back in the early days of EverQuest who would pay their rent in EQ Platinum, because their landlord also played but never had time to grind. In a world where everyone’s an MMO gamer, EQ Plat could overtake money, and the embedded reward that ‘generates’ the money would be killing monsters. So in some weird ways that’s already an example of what you envision. I just don’t know how you could set that up to spill into real world behaviors.

The even tougher problem is that in creating this NewMoney, you have opened the door to others who would also create different NewMoneys, with different moralities and ethics attached, and then you run into a kind of a culture war boundary where the culture war infects the exchange of goods themselves. EverQuest players can’t pay their landlord in EQ Plat if their landlord plays WOW. Do Muslims get their own, different money?

Are there exchange rates between ChristainValues NewMoney and LGBTNewMoney?

The idea becomes very tangled, very quickly.

If you could cook up an idea of how to implement it, then it might be fun untangling the tangles.

Conscientious objector to the culture war. I think a lot. mirror: writer at: beggar at:

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