Identifying uncertainty in the way we understand objective reality is one thing. Believing that there is no objective reality, and all reality is socially constructed is a fantastically different thing, that undermines the very essence of science itself. Einstein’s stuff was a leap, but it was observable. Heisenberg’s stuff was also a leap, but it makes predictions that match observable reality.

In fact, both leaps in science were the absolute antithesis of socially constructed reality. They were both bucking the socially constructed norm, and were both right.

These sorts of things move science towards an understanding of objective truth. They absolutely do not claim there is no objective truth other than whatever we manufacture in our heads.

What postmodern philosophy gets right is the idea that we can never fully understand objective reality, because we experience objective reality through our own senses. Yield this up front. Where postmodern philosophy fails is when it jumps to the conclusion that there is no objective reality. This doesn’t work, logically speaking. If you can’t fully know that objective reality exists, you can’t fully know that it doesn’t exist either. And we have a huge amount of evidence, chief among it being that you and I are conversing through glowing screens connected by wires, that there is an objective reality, and that endeavoring to model this true and objective reality as closely as possible yields great rewards.

There is an objective reality, and in that objective reality postmodernism is bullshit. The job of science is to create the best possible model of that objective reality.

Art is very different. Art by its nature is an expression of what’s in our heads. Postmodernism works great in art. Because, in my opinion at least, there is no objective reality in art.

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