I’m actually on quite good terms with Michael Siegel, the author of the study I critique in the second half of the article. His multivariate analysis shows that gun ownership does correlate with gun homicide rate, but at an increment five times less profound than Gini coefficient or black population rate. He’s done some interesting analysis in the past year on the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of certain gun control laws, and found that outside of UBC very little else matters. Another interesting study on the same topic last year showed that at a multivariate level, when you break down domestic vs non-domestic homicides and compare to ownership rate, the (even multivariate) correlation between ownership and rate goes to literally zero for non-domestic homicides, and all the rate variation Siegel identifies in his study can be shown to exist completely within the domestic homicide numbers, which are between 1000 and 2000 per year out of over 300 million people. A breakdown of that study is here:

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