Considering the issues at hand and your own comments around gun ownership stats, this was a major flaw in the construction of your argument. I was forced to assume that your gun ownership data is the straightforward guns per capita rate, although this seems to be inconsistent between your graphs.

International ownership rates are not available, but guns/capita is. Domestic ownership rates are available on a state by state basis, but guns/capita isn’t.

So I looked at both, as best as I could, with the data available. Neither displayed a bivariate correlation.

The AJPH and other researchers, you graciously acknowledged as smarter than you, use fractional gun suicide rates to correct for undeclared gun ownership, this quite neatly indicates levels of access to guns.


But that has it’s own problems, because you end up with some feedback loops in your analysis. If you’re correcting your ownership data based on suicide numbers, and then plotting that ownership data against “gun deaths” which include suicide, then the correction factor appears as if it’s a trend. So it’s goofy.

The second article in the series talks about suicide specifically. You may or may not find it interesting.

I agree with you that curbing gun ownership is not an effective way to curb the rates of violent murder. I would have loved your article to not conclude with a futile attack on the press, but to conclude that across the political spectrum we should all just stop lobbying for or against guns. This is a point of division and distraction which conveniently keeps us away from the real social issues.

I hear you. The first article (the one you read) was establishing a platform for media criticism, on which to build a more general case for a rational, reasoned approach that our media is not going to give us. An index of all the articles is here:

The white-elephant in this room is the overwhelming evidence that the biggest causative socioeconomic factor for all types of violent crimes is not guns (or the press) but income inequality.

Absolutely. Check the “solutions” article in the index above. We dive into that there.

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