It’s a bit of a morbid thought experiment, but I would imagine there are a near infinite number of ways to commit suicide. As I understand it, the meaning behind the numbers in my article is basically that some people who contemplate suicide will talk themselves out of it if the process is hard, because the suicidal thoughts pass. There’s also a raw efficacy issue — it doesn’t count as a suicide if you don’t die.

Because everything morbid can be found on google, here’s something I stumbled across today. It’s interesting, in a twisted sort of way. But I haven’t vetted their sources, so take it for what it’s worth.

This is a Harvard study on the topic. Seems reasonable at a glance:

Mother Jones attempted a brief article on the topic at this link, but fall into their usual mode of manipulating data visualizations. If they had gone into more detail, they might have inadvertently clued their readers into the fact that suicide dominates the ‘gun death’ data and undermined the traffic for some of their more sensational gun control articles.

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