I personally don’t know anyone who has had COVID. It would be interesting to do a Pareto on how many people know someone, more than 1, or many.

I’ve been doing this on my Facebook wall.



10 caught it, 8 recovered so far, 0 died, 10 are unemployed.

Whenever my count changes I post those four numbers, and all my friends reply with their counts.

There appear to be two general groups — those who know around 10 people who’ve caught it, and those who know zero. Then there is another bimodal group — those who know less than 3 unemployed, and those who know dozens or hundreds.

The fact that there are some people who know so few unemployed, and some people who know so many, is what really stands out to me. The social group of those hit hardest by the economics of the thing appear to be largely insulated. And I’m not sure their experiences are spreading to the rest.

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