My response was intended to point out that your article was entirely emotional and not grounded in reality. I apologize for not going into depth, but if depth is what we need, then ok, let’s do a deeper critique.

Please be clear, during this critique, that I am not excusing any of the equally emotional behavior of folks on the right, whose responses are also not often grounded in reality. Quotes from your article.

I’m scared shitless about my family’s safety, and you’re worried about my French?!

Stop being scared shitless about your family’s safety. Schools are tremendously safe. I don’t blame you for thinking they’re not, because that’s the overwhelming blue media narrative, but that narrative is completely faked up.

See, before and after I wrote that, I have read every single thing I could find on the topic.

I don’t believe this to be the case, considering your admonition of being “scared totally shitless.” The numbers show that we are in a trough of the least homicide the country has seen in my lifetime, and I’m 42 years old. If you’re younger, same goes for you. The last people who lived substantially through a period of this relative safety were able to buy the Beatles first album on vinyl the day it was released.

I know there is virtually no good reason for a civilian to own an AR-15 or an AK-47 (no, I’m not quoting libtards; I got this from every military man I read plus quite a few gun owners).

Depends on how you define “good reason.” AR-15s are quite good at intermediate range gun fights. (they’re actually garbage for killing kids in schools, pistols are way better at that) Most folks I know who own one are preparing for the possibility that they might, at some point in their 75 years on the planet, have to get into one of those.

And don’t take my word for it. Here’s the New Yorker, not exactly a bastion of red church programming, dropping statistics that are actually much scarier than the ones I brewed up.

What I’ve settled upon is this — the NRA was actually right about something, People Kill People. Problem is, you Gun Nuts are the people, And you have guns.

If you had indeed read as many sources as you say you’ve read, and those sources were looking deeply at the problem, then you’d understand that by and large the gun problem is gun owners killing themselves with their own guns, all alone, on purpose.

School shootings have always existed, but they really ramped up in the past few decades, starting in the late 1980s and increasing exponentially ever since.

This is verifiably false. See “Real Talk” link above, but if we like, we can follow a reference from it.

And then the rest of your article is a culture-war hit piece attacking people who aren’t like you. I won’t give that the time of day, except to point out that I am absolutely not involved in either side of that garbage. In fact, I was forced to take a deeply conservative national media scale culture war monger to task for his very inappropriate use of one of my own articles. You might get a kick out of that.

To be very clear, I am not blaming you for being emotional about this topic. You have probably been duped just like many other people have, by a media engine that turns people against people for the clicks. And that’s bad.

…unless, of course, your Medium articles are actually intended to turn people against people to drive traffic and make a few bucks from deepening the culture war divide. And if that’s the actual case, then truly F off, because if so, you are actually making me and my family less safe with this garbage, pushing us towards a hot culture war, in which a lot more people are likely to get shot.

tagging marjorie steele since she’s stuck in the middle of this thing.

Conscientious objector to the culture war. I think a lot. mirror: writer at: beggar at:

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