Oh that’s a fascinating thought.

One thing I would like to dig deeper on, with school shootings and such, is single parenting. It seems to me that a lot of this comes back to the difficulties single parents have raising children, and our single parenting ratios have doubled across the board since the 1960s.

The problem with “school shootings” or (true/actual) “mass shootings” is that they’re so exceedingly rare, they don’t make for good data to work with. It would be interesting to link them to gun violence in general, or purely to violent crime though.

One thing I’ve found fascinating is the lead exposure hypothesis. There’s quite a lot of research on that, and it seems to correlate very well. Now correlation doesn’t necessarily imply causation, but the amount of statistical effort that’s been thrown at that is impressive, and they have produced results I personally find pretty compelling.

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