On the Globalepidemics.org link, there's some really goofy stuff going on with it, the way they normalize it.

So take Charlton County GA. 85.3 daily new cases per 100k sounds like a hell of a lot, and it makes that county sound dangerous, so the put it in red.

Now go here:


click on Charleton County. They've only had two deaths ever, and while cases are on the rise, they're only logging about ten new ones per day.

Ten new cases per day in the county is small. 85.3 per 100k is large. Yet this is the same number because the population of the county is so small. I would have no fear visiting or living in Charleton County GA, yet the map makes it look like an infectious war zone.

I would definitely prefer to go there than NYC or Boston right now, because in those high density areas you are exposed to a lot more people.

So these things are not being looked at in an honest manner.

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