Spoken like a true intersectionalist.

Intersectionality is an interesting bundle of indoctrinations, but I don’t subscribe to the overall premise that one life is worth more than another because of how marginalized it is. Life is life, death is death, and I’m much more interested in treating everyone as equal, instead of trying to manage who is higher on the Totem Pole of Oppression. In the end, I suspect that the intersectionality religion is nearing collapse stage anyway.

..that is, unless someone sharp within its ranks takes the wheel and steers it more towards something that’s more scientifically true, and more inclusive.

If we’re going to look at homicide by demographics, then the targeted effort that needs to be made is absolutely not women, and especially not white women. It’s black men. They’re the ones in the worst predicament. I cover that extensively here:

From that article: (pay attention to the rates, the orange bars)

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