Thank you for the Quora recommendation.

I actually started doing these things a few weeks ago because I was sick and tired of having to make the same arguments over and over on Facebook to my friend circle, and wanted a way to easily crosspost a link showing what I’d uncovered on my own prior. That’s my only motivation. I’m blessed and surprised at the amount of traffic they’ve received, and I hope they bring awareness to the issues.

I’d originally planned to do 3, one about the lack of an ownership-homicide rate correlation and media manipulation of data, one with a case and plan on suicide, and one with a case and plan about homicide. Now I think it might take a few more. As you saw, I haven’t gotten to the plan on homicide yet, just the case. But I also think I’ll need to do one more, that talks about the underlying reasons why the media is warping this stuff. When I started the thing, I presumed it was purely political bias, but not I’m not so sure.

Medium has a fantastic engine for tracking referral data, and I’ve been watching how the articles have been going viral in different areas, getting referrals, etc, and I’ve been watching which subreddits they’re flashing in, and why. It’s been fascinating, but also somewhat horrifying. I mean, I’ll probably earn 15 bucks off the thing in the Medium partner program, but my traffic is many orders of magnitude smaller than, say, Vox. When I look at the monetary return on traffic, and I check out Vox’s traffic stats, I start to understand how tremendously lucrative it is for media outlets to push stuff that may not be true, or may be warped as much as possible, to fit narratives that readers are more inclined to believe and to share. This idea of

  1. Find an echo chamber,
  2. Feed it what it wants to hear,
  3. Profit

…is terrifying, and the more I stare at my traffic on these three articles, the more I see what’s going on in the media at large. I feel I must wrap the series up with a discussion purely about this issue. I might even share my traffic stats at the time.

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