Thank you for the response.

I don’t think anything in the material you quoted would give R(1) adherents any heartburn at all. Unjust laws should be stricken, laws should be equally applied, and such. Anything less would definitively be “treating people differently because of their race,” which is our operating definition for R(1).

I also don’t think anything in what you quoted buttresses the very common R(2) position that racial prejudice against white people isn’t racism, which is the logical conclusion (and possible direct intent) of the work of Patricia Bidol-Pavda after MLK’s death, and has found its way into the core curriculum of modern Social Justice. If you can point me to a place where MLK states that, either explicitly or implicitly, I’d like to read it.

Conscientious objector to the culture war. I think a lot. mirror: writer at: beggar at:

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