Thanks for the response.

If you’d like to show some mathematics supporting a bivariate correlation between gun ownership and homicide, please do so. Put it up on Medium.

This article was not a “solutions” article, it was a media criticism article. All of the issues you bring up are covered elsewhere in the series of articles. Consider reading through them.

In particular, comparisons to other countries are meaningless and measures to address gun proliferation cannot work, mathematically speaking:

The real problem is suicide and measures the left propose will not address that real problem:

We’re tremendously safe from gun homicides by any reasonable historical measure, except for young black men, who are in a seriously bad situation:

And “overthrowing the government” is a red herring to begin with:

All that said, there are definitely real solutions we can derive, for the real problems we do face, if we properly use mathematics to identify those problems, which we clearly cannot trust the media to do properly:

…and the reason so many people don’t understand the true nature of these problems, is because the media is not incentivized to represent them properly. They are incentivized to drive secondary linkback traffic in order to farm click money, so they waltz the public down a rabbit hole that’s not supported by the math:

Thanks for reading.

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