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This is a relatively common response for this particular article. The first to bring it up was Chris Bucchere, and we went through a thought experiment to that effect a month or two ago.

For me it comes down to this:

how many suicides is a homicide worth? Are kids worth extra? Are old people worth less? Give me some multipliers to work with. It could lead to a fascinating exercise.

What about different kinds of homicide?

If you’re willing to weigh in on that, we can throw some numbers at some kind of equivalency. But be careful when you begin this sort of exercise, because you need to be clear about both cases. The loved ones of a suicide case grieve too.

a mass school shooting registers higher on emotional impact to society vs other deaths by firearm. Unarmed victims of police shootings also come to mind yet actual counts would be low.

Again, no stats, but i feel that emotional impact has a higher bearing on community response than the actual numbers

I personally think that the impact of these cases is almost entirely a result of disproportionate sensational media coverage of them. Our schools are fantastically, tremendously safe, but we think they aren’t safe, because of the media. We don’t have a gun homicide epidemic at all, we have an epidemic of news stories about gun homicides.

Safety is a perception of the conditions you find yourself in.

I think this is a very important thing to unpack. We are the safest we’ve been in my entire lifetime from gun homicides, yet our perceptions do not meet reality because we spend so much time stuck in our phones.

All our perceptions about guns are being guided by a media engine whose objective is not to inform us. The media’s job is literally to make us feel unsafe, because peddling anxiety is literally their business model, and the new profit modes within the media push this dialog, as well as other dialogs, into freakoutery.

Conscientious objector to the culture war. I think a lot. mirror: writer at: beggar at:

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