Thanks for the response.

Affirmative action for instance is by R(1) is racist but under R(2) is not as are racial preferences in school admissions but don’t we support this? Isn’t this the right sort of reparations and reconciliation for our culture?

I think affirmative action (and similar) can find supporters within both R1 and R2. From the R1 perspective, affirmative action (may) make sense purely because it’s a method to ameliorate the problems with the heritability of wealth.

R(2) adherents are correct when they say the R(1) path will not achieve equality quickly enough. You can’t ever raise up the disadvantaged to equality with those with an existing advantage, the time scale is infinite. If every year you move a chair closer to the wall by half the remaining gap even at the end of time there will still be a gap between the chair and the wall.

I don’t think you give enough weight to chaos and noise in your economic forecasting model, here. Lots of wealth comes from luck. Rich people become poor. There’s a lot of circumstantial mobility within the income pyramid, both up and down, that can act to diffuse the race/wealth profile. I do agree that it will take time, as I mentioned in the article, but it’s not infinite. It’s on a scale of generations, not years. But also likely not centuries either.

Conscientious objector to the culture war. I think a lot. mirror: writer at: beggar at:

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