Thanks for the response!

I don’t discount suicides at all. I spent my second article in a series of articles on gun policy specifically on suicides, where I begin by acknowledging the points you bring up.

The article is here:

You may like it. (you may not)

The point I hoped to make with the first article was to show how the media intentionally confuses their readers by lumping suicides in with the overall number when it suits their agenda, while hiding that trick from the reader.

I do think gun accidents happen, but I agree with you that children getting a hold of a loaded gun is usually very, very negligent. Another thing nobody speaks about within the “accidents” number, is that some number of intentional suicides get lumped in with the accidents category due to social stigma. “Daddy died while cleaning his gun” is code speak for something much more horrible, that people don’t want to speak about in mixed company. Nobody dies while cleaning a gun, unless they’re trying to dislodge a squib or similar.

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