Thanks for the response.

I really don’t need maths to work out that less guns in private hands leads to less deaths involving guns.

No one who is serious about gun control in the US (whether within or in my case without) is couching it in terms of homicides.

The mathematics actually agree with this point. The overwhelming problem is not homicide at all, it’s suicide, and unlike homicide, which does not correlate at all with gun proliferation anywhere in the world, suicide does. We discuss suicide in the second article:

The rest of your response is highly couched as if there were some way to eliminate all the guns, and there simply isn’t. It’s a fantasy, and if we want to apply reason to solving the problems we do have, we must strike out fantasies from our list of possible policy objectives.

Thankfully, when we apply mathematics to properly define the problems we do have, we see that there are solutions available.

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