Thanks for the response!

reference an article of some guy who is obsessed with the “Deep State” and is a reference directly from /r/The_Donald…

Which reference are you referring to?

When I read and absorb media, I do my best to not poison the data in the article with my preconceptions of the messenger. Even messengers I may not like, and with whom I may disagree vehemently about policy or their chosen set of indoctrinations, often convey good data on which I can draw my own conclusions. And those conclusions might not jive with what they’re selling at all. This crops up a lot in the gun series. (seven? articles total I think)

In my opinion, once I start throwing out data because of who said the data, then I fall much more prone to echo chamber groupthink, which leads me to bad conclusions due to an incomplete picture of reality. I think a lot of people suffer from this. I talk about it in several other articles.

Let me know the reference that’s burning you, and let’s talk about it. Maybe I shouldn’t have used it, or maybe I should have dug a layer deeper and used what they used for data. Etc. Or heck, maybe it’s wrong.

But I’m not going to throw something out purely because of which side of the fence it lands on in the current culture war. All media is infected with culture war profiteering nowadays, so the only way to avoid it completely is to turn your computer/TV off.

Conscientious objector to the culture war. I think a lot. mirror: writer at: beggar at:

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