Thanks so much for the response. It was likewise insightful.

I agree that most of your examples are institutions (the mainstream media, the university, and parenting etc). But there are many other institutions as well: from property rights, technology and law; to democracy, the Anglosphere, class attitudes, unions, personal freedom, racism, the nation-state and the global community. A hundred years from now perhaps, there will ten more to add to this list and a few that seem very powerful today will have vanished in the slipstream of history.

For the purpose of this analysis framework, I would say that some of the things you list as institutions aren’t actually institutions, they’re indoctrinations themselves. In this analysis space, the institution is the thing that indoctrinates, and the indoctrination is the thing you learned from the institution, which forms a framework in the blank slate portion of your mind, and informs your behavior.

So racism for instance. Racism isn’t an institution in this context, it is an indoctrination. In my experience it generally stems from the parenting institution, but may also flow from the media or peer groups, although I wouldn’t consider peer groups to be an institution necessarily. They’re merely a mirror reflecting prior installed indoctrinations, and peer to peer indoctrination is simply bleed over.

In an earlier draft of the article I went deeply into this, but it was a lot of repeat-material from the prior Ants article and I trimmed it to try and keep this one inside a 13 minute read. You might be interested in checking that article out. (or not, which is also fine) It outlines my mental framework when I think about this stuff, if imperfectly.

The obvious example today is the church, but — in spite of conservative hand-wringing — the universities remain very traditionalist also. They are still basically what they were two centuries ago: with tenured faculty, exams, degrees, peer-reviewed research, and assumptions about who should go and what they should do there. They are incubators for the social networks of the next ruling generation. These things are remarkably resistant to change.

I think your point is good that every institution, by virtue of it being an institution, is resistant to institutional change, which makes it institutionally traditionalistic, but I was trying to focus specifically on the flavors of societal behaviors the institutions propagate. The rise of academic acceptance of Marxism over the past twenty years is definitely evidence that the Ps control that institution.

I don’t like trolling, but I think that once people start realizing they are actually being heard, there is going to be a revitalization of democracy. Good leaders who unite across a much wider social spectrum will emerge. I hope for much better times ahead.

I admire your optimism, but don’t share it. While I’m happy to use Medium or the internet in general to permit myself a voice in the mob, I also know what mobs tend to do when they get loud. Burn shit.

Conscientious objector to the culture war. I think a lot. mirror: writer at: beggar at:

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