Thanks very much for the response. Great stuff.

Without restating the obvious this is not a shift from one to the other of the current poles of social and political thought. Both poles are being destroyed and people are now newly empowered by technology in the middle.

Well.. ..yes and no. The way I view it, specifically within the framework of this analysis, indoctrination paths that leaned traditional were undermined, and have not restored, but the undermining is now static. Now indoctrination paths that lean progressive are on the chopping block. I think tech is going to drive the new wave of indoctrination undermining, but I wouldn’t make the case that the prior path undermining was due to tech. Unless you consider perhaps the invention of birth control to be “tech” in this framework, which may not be a bad case to make. I’ll have to mull that over further.

What sticks is what works in the new situations that we find ourselves. People begin to explore alternative indoctrinations but those are the first things to fail. None of them are appropriate.

What works will stick eventually, by pure social Darwinism, but stuff that doesn’t work can still stick around for quite a while. Think Communism.

The key is that this is completely undercutting the old establishment political parties that are secretive and hierarchical and have never been interested in anything like full, direct democracy. My sense is that we are going there quickly and it is going to be interesting as the old political ideologues desperately attempt to claim ownership. Not going to happen.

Oh yes, absolutely. Parties are reactionary entities only, and not future-looking at all. They can’t see past the next midterm.

Enrollments are going down and colleges are closing.

I will admit up front to being woefully ignorant of this trend. If I’d known it, I would have included it in the article. This is fascinating, as it seems to buttress my overall point. A link I just fished up, for other readers to follow along:

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