The fact that liberals are so deeply divided on Peterson says more about the state of the modern liberal movement than it does about Peterson.


I would like to see some sensitivity analysis related to the dischord among modern liberals about other issues, and how those divisions play among Peterson supporters and Peterson detractors.

A poll specifically among self identified liberals on the following topics would be fascinating:

“Are free markets good?”

“Is individual responsibility good?”

“Is free speech good?”

“Is the United States a meritocracy?”

“Should we censor science when its conclusions do not support our values?”

These are topics on which the American left is far more divided than they used to be, and my sense is that much of Peterson’s rise among the left is less to do with Peterson, and more a reaction by liberals who remember what liberalism used to be, concerning topics such as these. I think many of his fans are simply looking for a figurehead with which to align, in the struggle that’s developing among liberals regarding the shifts liberalism itself has taken in the past several decades.

Some analysis on this front would be fascinating.

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