The fact that state governors and nations can implement their policies differently is going to be very interesting to watch. Here’s an excerpt from a discussion I had last night on the subject:

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What I forsee, is the economies of the South opening up while the economies of the West Coast stay closed. I think the economic impacts of staying under “forever quarantine” are going to become very noticeable in a month or two. I think Africa and much of the rest of the developing world is going to have to open up very soon, within a month at most, by necessity. And they are going to be on the tail end of their infection while West Coast states are still going to be in the early to mid stages because they never came off quarantine, and the red states are going to be somewhere in the middle.

I think that may drive the culture war wedge even deeper than it already is, if that’s possible. And I think any areas where food scarcity becomes significant are likely to end up in significant violent civil unrest.

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