The suicide rate in the US is broadly in line with equivalently wealthy countries regardless of gun ownership.

The suicide rate in South Korea is more than the suicide rate and homicide rate combined in the USA, across all methods, not just guns.

Suicide rates are very different world wide, and very culturally influenced. The M:F ratio also varies widely.

The US should be looking to halve it’s homicide rate or more which 8,000–9,000 less murders per year.

You’re not going to achieve that objective through gun control. There is zero correlation, even at a multivariate level, between gun ownership rate and non-domestic homicide rate. The only connection between gun ownership rate and homicide is for domestic homicide, and those only total around 2000 per year.


Outside of those, the number of guns has zero influence on homicide.

If you want to affect homicide, the two leading statistical indicators are GINI coefficient (wealth inequality) and black population ratio.


So tackle wealth inequality, and figure out what the hell is going on within the black community. That’s your only possible route to a homicide reduction rate you’re targeting.

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