Gang/Drug related activity and culture are two of the largest predictors of gun violence if you exclude suicide.

The two biggest within the homicide subset are black population ratio and wealth inequality, with prison industrial complex factors coming in third.

Explicit gang related homicides are lower than I thought they’d be, though, when I first started doing research. Check the pie graph out here:

Yet most of the debate centers around gun laws, which are unlikely to influence most of these causes of gun violence in a substantial way. Does that mean good gun laws are bad, no just ineffective. For example, I support outlawing “bump stocks” and magazine capacity in excess of 10 rounds. I support a seven week waiting period when purchasing a gun. I support laws which require ammunition and guns be stored safely out of reach of minors. I support background checking. I support “stop and frisk” against those individuals previously convicted of a violent crime. The list can go on… but I also don’t think they will impact gun deaths in a statistically meaningful way and yet here is where the media spends most of its “attention”. Why? Because gun laws make for great political debate.

I’ve written extensively about the lack of efficacy in blue tribe legal proposals, so I agree with you there, but I have a different perspective on why those get all the attention.

I think they get the attention because they attack the red tribe. Pure and simple. I think it’s raw tribalism. “Fuck those red tribe folks, let’s pass a law.”

Which is curious because the folks who get the most angst about this sort of behavior, in my experience, are the blue tribe gun owners who don’t understand what’s going on.

Things that would impact gun violence dramatically is a massive increase in the presence of law enforcement in “high risk” communities and an expanded set of policing policies that provide law enforcement the tools they need to make it difficult for gangs to operate in “high risk” communities.

Or we could get rid of the drug war and focus on wealth inequality and restoring the cultural norm of the two parent family in the black community. *shrug*

Conscientious objector to the culture war. I think a lot. mirror: writer at: beggar at:

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