Also, you are very responsive in defending this point but have yet to weigh in on the risks of gun ownership compounding along with the risks of instability.

There are definitely risks of gun ownership, and I’ve written about them before in other articles. The greatest risk, statistically speaking, is of shooting yourself with the gun on purpose. In fact, gun suicide makes up two thirds of the entire “gun deaths” number in the US, and men make up 7/8ths of that total, being generally more impulsive beasts than women. The “gun deaths” problem is quite literally a men’s health problem, and it is a real problem, that we should do something about.

The other risks of gun ownership are relatively minor, statistically speaking, and easily ameliorated by proper safety protocols and storage.

Also, if we are going to roll the dice on either side, can we discuss the moral implications of my decision to not risk your life versus your decision to risk mine?

Presuming I own a gun, I can assure you there is a flat zero percent chance that I would shoot you with it unless you were trying to kill me or my family. So unless you posit a situation where you would try to kill me or my family, that discussion is now complete.

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