How sure are you that this presents a problem? The caste system in Hinduism is similar to this and it powered the religion for many years.

This is a great question.

The Hindu caste system is almost literally the opposite of the Social Justice worldview. The Hindu system maintains stability by pushing the indoctrinated value that castes are proper and just and shouldn’t be overthrown. Social Justice views our own system as a caste system, whether that’s explicitly true or not, and seeks to destroy the hierarchy by directly attacking castes.

Imagine if a new version of the Hindu caste system were to emerge, which stated that everyone in a caste must attack everyone in a higher caste. It wouldn’t last a decade. That’s Social Justice.

What prevents Social Justice from immediately falling apart, honestly, is that people on the outside of it question the validity of the Social Justice caste model. If everyone in the country were to adopt the Social Justice caste model outright, then we’d be in violent revolution in no time flat.

I see no evidence that a straight white male coal miner in West Virginia has “privilege” over a black female urban professional. In fact, I see a wealth of evidence directly to the contrary. Imagine what would happen in West Virginia if the SJ caste model were universally accepted.

It’s a bit scary.

Conscientious objector to the culture war. I think a lot. mirror: writer at: beggar at:

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