How does this apply to school shootings in America? Because regardless what the numbers may show, the students believe that they are in real danger of being killed by a someone bringing a gun to school. This is little different from the fact that conservative media pushed the narrative for years that there’s a “war on cops”, when the real numbers show that the number of police killed on duty is still near a record low. An even better example is the perception among many (perhaps most) conservatives that undocumented immigrants are a major contributor to violence and drug activity in our nation, when in reality they are less likely than native-born Americans to engage in criminal activity.

In other words, perception is (for many people) reality…particularly in this age of internet-connected cell phones. We ignore the empathy and perception of the populace at our political peril.

This is a very intelligent observation, and in some ways it’s the punch line to the entire series of articles. This completely false perception is made reality in our media because the false perception drives traffic. They are driving the country insane because insane people click more. The article on that is here:

If you want to catch up on the whole series of articles, an index is posted in this post:

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