When guns are available, suicide is easy. Without a gun, it can be really hard to commit suicide — and most attempts fail. Suicide is so hard that, although I haven’t seen statistics, I suspect most gun suicide attempts fail, and the person goes on with their lives. But gun suicides have a higher success rate than any other technique.

This is true, but curiously only for men, not for women. Read the article and the Siegel study it references.


total nonsense like “a woman who is going to commit suicide is going to do it whether she has a gun or not, and gun ownership simply moves non-gun suicides into the gun-suicide category”

Is not nonsense. Not nonsense. Not nonsense. It is plain as day in the numbers. Every female gun suicide averted due to a lower gun ownership rate is replaced by a non-gun suicide. Flat.

Some of the male suicides averted by lower gun ownership rate are replaced by non-gun suicides. But not all. So there is in fact some correlation between gun ownership rate and overall suicide rate, but only in men. The article, and the science that backs it up, show this explicitly.

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