This was a reasonably fair article, but it completely whiffed on one of the most interesting things about the science. 7/8ths of gun suicides are men. Further, gun ownership rate is positively correlated with suicide rate only in men, not in women. I had no idea until I did some research on the topic, summarized here:

I also think you‘re missing the most obvious reason why suicides aren’t talked about in the media. They want to use the suicide numbers to inflate the overall gun death numbers, but don’t want you to realize they’re inflated because of the policies they’re pushing. Rifle bans, mag size bans, and basically every other flavor of gun policy suggestion by the left does nothing to address suicide, and the “more guns = more death” case falls apart if they don’t include suicide in the numbers.

I will grant that if those California numbers are true on the waiting period, that that might actually have some effect. I’d like to read more about that.

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