Three obvious problems with this piece:

  1. Peterson and Pluckrose aren’t conservatives.
  2. Curry isn’t a global warming denier.
  3. Trump and such are definitely embracing the idea that “there is no objective reality and facts can be culturally determined.” The entire idea of “alternate facts” bandied about in the current Red Tribe administration is a postmodern thing, repackaged. To your credit, you do a good job of pointing this out at the end, but this very fact undermines your thesis and title.

The main reaction against postmodernism comes from people who believe that objective reality exists, most particularly scientists who have come to scientific conclusions that are at odds with certain elements of modern progressive dogma. When elements of the left rail against Trump’s “alternative facts,” they too are railing against postmodernism, whether they realize it or not. Optimistically, I would think that opposition to postmodernism might be something that could bridge the culture war divide.

If we hang our hats on the idea that facts are culturally determined, that’s fuel for widening the gap in understanding between the tribes, which will lead us to places much darker than we are currently at.

Conscientious objector to the culture war. I think a lot. mirror: writer at: beggar at:

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