Yes, yes. I sat on this article for about five days before I posted it, then I read that literally hours after I posted the article. Were I to do it again, I would run the analysis for Sandy Hook, show the graph for Sandy Hook, and then compare the results of the Sandy Hook math to the Parkland results. I bet they’d be very close. I’m positive in the next week of the news cycle some conservative outlet is going to get the idea to compare fire rates between Sandy Hook and Parkland, to show the lack of efficacy of mag restrictions. The idea will probably dawn on Ben Shapiro or someone similar in the shower tomorrow morning, and be all over the news.

I’m honestly a bit curious why the shooter used 10 round mags at Parkland. It’s strange to me, given that Florida doesn’t have a mag restriction. 30 round AR mags are very easy to come by in the southeast — probably easier to come by than 10 round mags honestly, and they’re a little bit easier to use. The fire rates and number of shots fired in each incident draws a bead on the real boundary condition for all mass shooting incidents, including the VT shooting. All three shooters were limited in the end not by how many rounds were in each mag, but by how many mags they could reasonably cram in a backpack.

Also, thank you for the compliment. I hope to be done with the series soon. All this gun discussion is wearing me out a bit.

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